Fall Design Trends for Home: Back To School

DP_Gina-Samarotto-Green-Dining-Room_s4x3_lgOur home is our design project, forever evolving into that ultimate look that seems to change a little or a lot with every season.

Well, fall is approaching and its time to make a decision that will help prepare us for the holidays; you know, the one thing that you had intended to be ready for last years holidays — the time is now! The next two months will fly away as we consume ourselves with fall traditions, sporting events, school plays and PTA meetings, travel and opera, the list is endless.

Are you a do-it-yourselfer or do you gravitate toward a professional for help? Either way, we must all put on our learning caps and discern what matters most right now as we prepare for the holidays. Consider these helpful tips:

1. Choose the space: dining room, great room, powder room, kitchen, library or any space that you intend to entertain.

2. Have a Plan: before spending a dime it is wise to have a space or color plan drawn up, addressing your particular design challenges and needs. Make sure that it flows with the entire floor.

3. Work the Plan: now that your plan has been established its time to execute by choosing and ordering the materials, the treatments, the furnishings, accessories, etc.; whatever is needed to kick-off the plan until the space is completed.

4. Enjoy the process: life a great student you must see the project through to completion; if you start now you have time to work at your own pace and enjoy the transformation week by week.

5. Reward yourself with a stress-free holiday season! LorettaWillis058JOH

Let us know how it worked out!


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