Fresh Summer Design Trends

color trends 2017, pantone greenery, jack fhillips

Fresh summer design trends are more than ever being shaped by the styles we love throughout the year. This summer home is a perfect example of finding that sweet spot between how you choose to decorate your permanent residence and your summer home by extending the style you love in a way that is suitable […]

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Holiday Color Trends

It’s 20 days before Christmas and as the first full week of December is coming to an end some major (and minor) decorating decisions are being made within homes and interiors around the world! Holiday color is one of the majors; when decided upon, it will drive the direction of your holiday decorating theme for […]

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Life & Home By Design: Gratefulness & Family

Gratefulness and family are two words that are intrinsically woven into the fiber of relationships that share life together; they are seldom mentioned under the assumption that they exist, taken for granted often from the parents down to the youngest sibling. An entitlement expressed most often when it is not shown or when treated unfairly. […]

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