Kitchen Trends 2015

2014-Design-Trends-for-KitchenThinking about updating your kitchen or building a new one? Then let’s talk kitchens and a few ‘must’ considerations for the most hardworking space in your home!

Long term view: In terms of function and space what matters now and what will matter in the season to come…consider the must haves for efficiency sake.

Smart Choices: Choose the most efficient modern designs and finishes your budget can afford…it will save you from a pre-mature outdated look for years to come.

Open Floor Plan: Are probably here to stay; the kitchen is a natural gathering space for family, friends and entertaining. Study the habits of your family and incorporate functional space to accommodate for optimal use of space.
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Built-Ins: Keep them coming, the more the merrier. They will streamline the design and function from a hidden coffee station to a baking center or morning juicing section all can be concealed within seconds for any occasion.


Cabinetry & Appliances: Think 20 years not 5 for cabinetry lifespan so purchase the best quality your budget can afford in a style that ages gracefully. Appliances should fit the design of your kitchen with finishes that compliment the overall design.

Lighting: Is not an afterthought and should be carefully planed out for the necessary balance of task and accent lighting.

Now that I have you thinking in the right direction your kitchen update or plans for a new kitchen will not disappoint and will result in a space that performs effortlessly!

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