Your Design Style, Pt. II

Transitional Style2In our previous post “Your Design Style, Pt. I” we discussed three great design styles that you are welcomed to take a look at (Classic Traditional, Eclectic and Classic Contemporary).

As stated before, decorating styles have evolved as our lifestyles have evolved continuing to adapt to new environments. In discovering your decorating style let’s take a look at a few more popular styles to help you answer this question for yourself.

Transitional StyleTransitional: a beautiful blend of traditional and contemporary styles, it combines furnishings, materials, fabrics and color hues to create classic design. Simple furniture lines are placed alongside slightly curved to ornate furnishings while patterned fabrics enjoy combinations with tone on tone or assorted textures. If you prefer a cleaner palette with softer hues with some darker finishes to bring balance to a space this may be your style.

Asian Style DecorAsian: this look “fuses natural elements and colors taken from nature to create a serene, calm environment.” (HGTV) Openness is essential in the space plan and colours are close to nature while bright colors are used in focal points around each room. Simple, graceful lines are the signature of this style.

<Shabby Chic DecoratingShabby Chic: a comfortable, inviting look that usually encompasses all-white interior walls and ceilings accented with vintage items, antiques and collectibles surrounded by soft color hues that tend to bring a more feminine feel to the space.

Now you have been exposed to six decorating styles, let us know your thoughts!


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