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To blend or not to blend, this is an ongoing design dilemma for couples today! The aged challenge to mix or merge varieties of furnishings until you accomplish a desired style that both partners believe speak to both their individuality and blended style.
When my husband and I started life together after college we had few possessions, making a statement with our furnishings seemed a distant concern when you’re trying to figure out how to provide the basic essentials like furniture to eat a meal on or a mattress and bed frame to sleep on! Today, marriages are taking place a little later in life and most individuals have already taken care of basic furnishings, many have already figured out a decorating style of preference with the help of networks like HGTV.
Some couples struggle with forming a style long after they’ve partnered in life, some couples have a partner who is neutral which allows the other to move unhindered into developing a style that suites their tastes, then the rest of us (married or single) figure it out as we move through the learning curve of good design before landing into the season of “knowing” finally the look that we love that is just right for our family that has evolved over time.
For those who are ready to make every design decision count toward developing a style that is perfect for you, your family and is a reflection of your personality consider every space with these thoughts in mind:

Style Direction
1. Clear out furniture that does not fit or complement your style direction: is it too large, small or outdated? Find someone who needs it or save it for a garage sale, it will not work (ever!) and can’t be forced to work!
2. If the scale, style and construction is good for the style direction but the fabric or finish is dated; hold onto it! The finish and fabric can be updated easily.
3. Incorporate the remaining pieces into a Space Plan to determine what is lacking before purchasing a single piece of furniture!
4. Finally, you are in a position to enjoy the process of completing the space with appropriate furnishings that fit the style direction you’re aiming for, sometimes one piece at a time.
5. Repeat these steps for accessorizing.

Most of all, remember to make every purchase count, you are investing into your future style!

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