A Thankful Table

tablescape design, holiday trends

Thankfulness is a feeling of gratitude, an expression of thanks and the Thanksgiving season causes us to pause from busy schedules to reflect on the people and circumstances that have made our lives fruitful. The first Thanksgiving was celebrated in 1621 when the Pilgrims celebrated a good harvest. Today, the meaning of harvest is reflected […]

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Table Top Decorating Trends: Part II

Photo by k.m.willis

As promised, ‘Table Top Decorating Trends: Part II’ is pleased to reveal to you the results of our (Loretta’s Interior Design) participation in a local community event, “Alpharetta’s Table ~ Decorating for the Holidays.” As we considered the simple instructions and design elements posted in Part I – let’s take a look at the results: […]

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Fall Design Trends for Home: Back To School

Our home is our design project, forever evolving into that ultimate look that seems to change a little or a lot with every season. Well, fall is approaching and its time to make a decision that will help prepare us for the holidays; you know, the one thing that you had intended to be ready […]

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Life & Home By Design: A Thankful Family

I learned this week that statistically, if your household earns $45K or more annually you are among the top 1% of income earners in the world. For some this sounds unbelievable, especially if you are earning more and your family is really struggling to meet basic family and household needs. This fact, coupled with our […]

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Life & Home by Design: A Thankful Home

As we begin to transform our homes for the holidays preparing for festive family gatherings, devouring delicious recipes and the excitement of gift exchanging may we also remember that this is a season of thankfulness. Being grateful for what one has creates a home environment that encourages kindness toward one another; it keeps the right […]

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