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Summer Home-Greens

It’s bright, it’s hot, it’s fresh, it’s summer! And that means things change at home to meet the demands of life that call for less structure and more fun. It is time to open up your home a bit by bringing the outside in through many ways and techniques that cost very little. Here are a few ideas that are adaptable to almost any home interior that needs a little summer lift:

Consider the colors of nature in all the blooming that’s going on outside and around your home and the colors that would compliment your interiors:
– Those throws that we turn to for covering when watching tv can be purchased in a summer
weight and color
– Sofa/Chair pillows
– Area rugs
– Wall art
– Lampshades
– Accessories

Next, consider your window treatments; if they are heavily treated maybe the side panels can be removed for the summer. The intention is to allow more light to come in. If too much light is bringing in heat and the need for sunglasses a window film that would block the harmful rays and heat while allowing the light to flow into your home.

Finally, consider the wall color (it is one of the quickest ways to freshen a space), but please don’t start without a color plan for the entire home, you will save a ton of time and money! While we’re on the subject of color check out Sherwin Williams 2013 Color of the Year, Aloe-SW6464, it will get you in the right color hue for choosing what’s right for you.

Most of all this summer, enjoy your family and the lack of schedules and structure. The summer reminds us that we need a little more recreation and relaxation, it will pass by quickly.

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