Your Design Style, Pt. I

Are you struggling with determining your design style? You are not alone! Decorating styles have evolved as our lifestyles have evolved as the way culture adapts to new environments.

Let’s take a brief look at a few popular styles and a few less known that will help you answer this question for yourself.

Classic Traditional:Traditional Interior, Grand Room a formal or semi-formal (casual elegance) interior setting that creates a timeless look with a blend of traditional, old world and/or art deco elements with a combination of earthy color hues, wonderful fabrics and refined furniture with different lines that relate to each other in a beautiful, classic way.

Eclectic: Eclectic Interioras the word denotes this style prefers to take from the other styles bits and pieces of what they like and mix them together to form a unique blend of color, fabrics, furniture and accessories therefore creating their own ‘eclectic’ style.

Classic Contemporary: Contemporary Interior think of a clean, open look with softer color hues that direct the eye to a strong focal point in the room. Furniture tends to be rounded off a bit or curved and placed in a way that highlights its features. Colors will complement each other rather than contrast as in strictly contemporary interiors.

In Part II I will address more design styles in case you did not resonate with the three highlighted in this post so be on the lookout and keep in mind there is no rule against blending certain styles either.

Let me know where you land!

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