Designing Around The Focal Point

Butler's Pantry, LIDThe “wow” effect in a room begins with knowing what to do with “the piece” or “wall that contains a special detail” that will drive your decorating decisions and thus anchor the room. We all have a special piece that we can’t live without that may be driven by its history with your family or its uniqueness, color, shape or origin and it must be included in the process of designing your space. Or, you may have a wonderful architectural detail that shapes a room or space that you desire to highlight.

I propose to ‘let it speak,’ by honoring its presence and consider complimenting it with items that truly enhance its placement in the room. Don’t overcrowd it, don’t minimize it either. Treat its scale appropriately by placing items near it that belong, never forcing other items just because…(you know what I mean!).

Let the focal point shine by allowing it to center the space while bringing attention to it. I had an opportunity to bring to life a large wall space in a kitchen area by building a wonderful custom cabinet to provide additional serving opportunity for gatherings. I chose a different finish than the kitchen cabinetry and granite, installed interior lighting that would showcase several collections while providing additional storage which added a functional element.

You don’t have to build something to achieve this goal but you must consider ways to create a focal point in every room. It can be accomplished when you consider scale, color, function and placement, elements that ensure success!

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