Life & Home By Design: A Thankful Family

I learned this week that statistically, if your household earns $45K or more annually you are among the top 1% of income earners in the world. For some this sounds unbelievable, especially if you are earning more and your family is really struggling to meet basic family and household needs.

This fact, coupled with our season of Thanksgiving can change our perspective from one of what we don’t have to one of what we do have to enjoy; like our family. Today’s family (all the people living in the same house or household), can look like and mean very different things; it can look traditional with a mom, dad and children, it can look blended with a step-parent mom or dad with children and step-children; it can be headed by a single parent(s); it can look modern, with or without kids; or it could look single, and regardless of season of life, it was created to be enjoyed.

As we spend countless hours in the kitchen preparing for our special Thanksgiving meal allow your thoughts to land on these thoughts; that this is our family with all that it encompasses through joys and trials, I must choose to love, to grow, to change, to embrace and to serve on and be committed to ‘our family.’ It will set you up to look back one day with the least regret and with priceless rewards that money cannot buy.

From one thankful family to another!

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