Life & Home by Design: A Thankful Home

As we begin to transform our homes for the holidays preparing for festive family gatherings, devouring delicious recipes and the excitement of gift exchanging may we also remember that this is a season of thankfulness.

Being grateful for what one has creates a home environment that encourages kindness toward one another; it keeps the right perspective before us when things don’t fall perfectly into place (like the one piece of furniture that will not arrive by Thanksgiving!). If our home includes four walls with a door or doors that can be secured, an indoor bathroom and a roof over our heads we are doing very well compared to world statistics.

What makes the holidays special have much to do with the family and friends we have in our lives to enjoy them with. Our gratefulness begins here and what we lack in furnishings can be provided through resourcefulness.

With all the holiday plans remember to plan to be kind, treating others as you would like to be treated; plan to be thankful, for all that you’ve been blessed with in your home and last, to be grateful for the lives around you that you love. This intentionality will insure a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas season!

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