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Picture yourself standing in line at the supermarket deli counter just as you begin to drift off in your thoughts and being interrupted with a cheerful greeting, “How are you doing today?”

“Not getting near as much done as I had hoped,” I replied.

“I know how you feel,” the deli mom went on to say; “my daughter called me this morning with a childcare issue for her eight-month-old daughter and needed me to come over before 6am this morning while shaking her head in search of the mesquite turkey to slice, and I was scheduled to come in to work at 2pm today.”

Now this IS the heart of a home and this IS its beauty; the sacrificial love element that breathes life into every heart that comes in and out of the doors of our home everyday. This heart and beauty spills over into the vision, the design and all the furnishings that we desire to make our home reflective of the beauty we feel in our hearts. Eventually we figure out that what really matters is the central heartbeat of a mother (and/or a father) that makes everything else come alive with expectancy for great life outcomes!

This is the first investment in any great design plan, the deep and sacrificial kind of love that sows into the lives of the family members, the kind of love that is satisfied with delayed gratification because it knows the wisdom of investing in the human soul and relationship.

This love for family IS our driving passion behind a beautiful interior; to better the lives of those we love and a willingness to pay the price of time, rest, work and play in order to know that at the end of those investing years we will reap the fruit of rich relationship!

This very tired deli mom who was willing to start her day caring for her eight month old grand-daughter displayed the truest form of beauty and heart for her home, and she did it with a smile. May we be inspired to do the same for our families when called upon, even with a smile!

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