Kitchen Appliance Trends 2017-2018

appliance trends 2018, appliance color trends 2018
appliance trends 2018, appliance color trends 2018
Bosch Modern Kitchen | Bosch Benchmark Series Speed Oven

It has been proven that there is a connection between experiencing daily life in an updated kitchen and healthy lifestyles. “From eating more fruits and vegetables to preparing more meals at home,” according to a kitchen trends study by Houzz, we tend to desire to spend more time at home in a great kitchen. And now we have an appliance ‘must have’ that will help us get there, the new speed cook oven.

Speed cook ovens are making a splash these days in kitchen appliance innovations. I started taking a closer look at these ovens earlier this year when I participated in a continuing education class that was hosted in a high-end kitchen appliance showroom.

These speed cook ovens are actually a convection oven, microwave, or a combination of the two. “The “speed” term refers to this appliance’s ability to use microwaves in select convection oven modes that expedite the cooking process without compromising the quality of food,” according to Yale Home Appliance.

The offerings and options are plentiful, from high-end to moderately priced appliances, it is worth your while to incorporate this appliance into your next kitchen update. A few of my favorites are featured below, manufactured by Viking, Bosch and GE Appliances.

appliance trends 2017-2018, appliance color trends
Viking Pro TurboChef Speed Cook Oven

The Viking Pro TurboChef speed oven is known as the “world’s fastest oven” that cooks 15 times faster than conventional cooking methods. With seven speed cook modes and ten traditional cooking modes housed in a 30″ Turbochef speed cooking technology, this oven is found in many commercial kitchens. A worthwhile investment for a high-end luxury new kitchen or update to an existing one.

appliance trends 2018, appliance color trends 2018
Bosch Benchmark Series | Speed Convection Oven

Bosch Benchmark Series 30″ speed convection oven is equipped with auto-chef cooking cycles that take the guesswork out of speed convection cooking. The ten power level oven also provides a 1,750 Watt broil element.

appliance trends 2018, appliance color trends 2018
GE Monogram Speed Convection Oven with Advantium Technology

GE Monogram oven with Advantium® Speedcook technology boasts four ovens in one; speedcook, convection, microwave and warming capabilities. Delivering oven-quality results up to eight times faster than conventional cooking methods with no preheating makes this 30″ speed convection wall oven a great choice.

Your next kitchen appliance upgrade should include a speed oven, it will not disappoint!

appliance trends 2018, appliance color trends 2018
Hidden Wolf Oven Appliance | Richard Anuszkiewicz


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