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new home trends 2017
new home trends 2017, windows
Sunroom-Breakfast Room Windows Invites Outside In | Buckingham Interiors + Design

Did you know that Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas now leads the new residential construction in the U.S. according to Builder magazines annual ranking of the top 50 new-home markets by closings? Actually the South, Southwest dominates the list of top 50 including Atlanta, my hometown.

Other than strong population growth driving residential construction in the Southwest markets what can buyers expect to find in new homes as it relates to improving energy conservation applied in a way that is suitable for today’s lifestyles? Making use of natural light.

new home trends 2017
Oversized Windows Befriend Natural Light | Victoria Hagan

New home buyers can expect to find the influence and application of certified green building design in residential construction. A global effort with an agenda supporting sustainable development, the percentage of global builders with at least 60 percent of their projects certified green will double, according to the World Green Building Trends report.

Passive Building Design, listed as one of five global green building trends for 2017, helps to minimize energy consumption by reducing the need for electrical lighting and temperature control. By allowing maximum amounts of natural daylight to come in, while restricting heat loss in the winter and reducing heat gain in the summer points to choosing energy-efficient windows that meet or exceed Energy Star® certification.

new home trends 2017
Energy-Efficient Window Glass Options, Pella Windows

Windows have the capability of making a dramatic and architectural statement in the home. One of my favorite design elements, a great looking window refreshes the soul, brings the outdoor in with an open view of nature and natural light while enhancing the architectural tone of a home. Gone are the days of small windows.

new home trends 2017
Oversized Kitchen Sink Window Enhances Architectural Details | Jack Levy, Rita Luisa-Garces

Energy Star windows will save you money by using less energy, eliminating cold drafts and overheated spaces according to Pella Windows. These Low-E insulated windows also protect your furnishings, window treatments and flooring from fading in the sun by blocking harmful UV rays.

Whether you are considering building a new home or updating an existing one, adding more natural light is among the top five global green building trends and is easily applied through your choice of energy-efficient windows!

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