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color trends 2020, interior design
color trends 2020, interior design
Chartreuse Deco Chairs | Colorful Framed French Fabrics | Lee Kleinheler, Pieces Inc.

Color and nesting share equal value when it comes to describing home according to Laurie Pressman, vice president of Pantone Color Institute. Bright colors are associated with positivity, they make us happy, she goes on to say. This explains why colorful, bold interiors stop us in our tracks, refreshes our souls while silencing our speech. Color is here to stay and when applied with skill it transcends interiors into spaces to die for.

Color trends forecasts also predict that pairing bold and subtle shades will be a significant driver in color plans for your home, according to Ms. Pressman of Pantone Color Institute. Fueled by social media, nature and the need for safety, the walls and ceilings of our homes will be graced with hues of blues, green and off-white. Pantone’s Evening Blue (the sky at dusk), Biking Red (berry) and Dark Cheddar (sharp yellow) are predicted to lead the way in popular color trends.

color trends 2020, interior design
Aubergine Walls with Fresh, Sunny Touch | Ashley Whittaker Design | Read McKendree

The milky white lamps by Christopher Spitzmiller soften the deep wall color while connecting with the sunny green wall art and creamy finish on the seating and floor.

color trends 2020, interior design
Vibrant Blue Entry Doors Connect with Wallpaper | Lee Kleinheler, Pieces Inc

This striking blue entry doors connect beautifully with the wallpaper in a fresh, vibrant way.

color trends 2020, interior design
Color Me Bold Sofa Anchors the Soft Color Tones | Ashley Whittaker Design | Max Kim Bee Photography

This living room is a beautiful illustration of pairing bold and subtle shades of color.

Hopefully you are inspired to add a touch of boldness to your home decor!

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