The Beauty of A Chair

In the scheme of design the “chair” can add significance to any room. After meeting its primary function of providing a piece of furniture for one person to sit on it can become a statement maker, a seat of dignity or even authority (as Webster’s Dictionary puts it). I have an affinity towards a great looking chair and the impact that it can make in a room. It can stand alone or in grouped depending upon the function. A well done chair provides the finishing touch, it can be given a name (e.g. daddy’s chair or mama’s chair, sister’s chair or brother’s chair) that makes it special or can be named for a special occasion (brides chair, nursing chair). I love a chair that fits the person well, customized specifically for seat depth or width and height, it makes us look forward to getting home and relaxing in “our” chair. My favorite chairs fill different needs from relaxing with a cup of tea, allowing the perfect posture for reading with my feet resting comfortably on a generous ottoman; another chair is just right for putting on makeup in the morning; you get the picture. From the foyer to the bedrooms we need chairs to complete the look. Think about these things the next time you have the opportunity to update your space; decide beforehand what your chair(s) will need to speak and let this drive the scale, style, fabric and finish to ensure that it will be enjoyed for many years to come!

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