Decorating Trends 2014-2015: Luxurious Textiles

Dramatic Scale ~ Glamour ~ Sophistication describe the direction of textile design for the home today!

Finely woven linen prints derived from an antique Chinese painted silk mural panel.

Sch Chinois Palais, Lettuce,175040

Sch Chinois Palais, Aquamarine,175043

Sch Chinois Palais, Tangerine,175044

Known for blending her love of Chinoiserie, color and bold patterns Mary McDonald is a textile designer that I would like to feature today. She “reinterprets traditional textile designs in a clean and graphic style” according to Schumacher who has partnered with her to create a new line of Prints and Wovens that marry her love for all things antique and modern.

Take a look and get inspired for your own homes!

Bold Geometric Linear Design integrated in large scale adds a modern sensibility with luxurious Italian velvet fabric.

Sch Vanderbilt Velvet, Dove, 66190

Sch Vanderbilt Velvet, Greige,66191

Sch Vanderbilt Velvet, Noir,66192

Modern Snake-skin Patterned Print.

Sch Park Avenue Python, Dove,175060

Sch Park Avenue Python, Greige,175061

Dramatic Embroidery on Linen

Sch Don't Fret, Lettuce,66180

Sch Don't Fret, Blue Marine,66181

Sch Don't Fret, Bittersweet,66182

A Classic Flame stitch Needlepoint Fabric is Modernized through its Grand Scale

Sch Bargello, Dove,67170

Sch Bargello, Blush Couch,67171

Sch Bargello, Aquamarine,67172

A Classic Textile in a Bold Print

Sch Garden of Persia, Bittersweet,175032

Sch Garden of Persia, Blue Marine,175033

Dramatic Scale ~ Glamour ~ Sophistication!


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