Color Forecast 2014, Sherwin Williams

SW6132 Relic BronzeLet’s talk color forecast for 2014 for a minute and I think you will be pleased to find out that next years forecast has something for everyone as color trends go.

Sherwin-Williams has presented four categories according to their release of “The State of Color” which includes four categories, “four distinct palettes reflecting the world around us: from rich, luminous and luxurious to mysterious, elemental and earthy.” Let’s take a look:

Reasoned: According to Sherwin Williams “gray is the new black and these colors celebrate the elegant, shadowy strength of negative space.”

SW6258 Tricorn Black

SW7019 Gauntlet Gray

SW7674 Peppercorn

Diaphanous: “Luxurious colors balanced with delicate simplicity and strength tempered by softness.”

SW2859 Beige

SW6052 Sandbank

SW7037 Balanced Beige

Curiosity: “Darkly elemental, bio-designed-inspired colors with textures that invite us to look at nature in a new light.”

SW2859 Beige

SW6052 Sandbank

SW7037 Balanced Beige

Intrinsic: “Rich, earthy colors evocative of ancient dyes born of an appreciation for cultural traditions and crafts.”

SW2838 Polished Mahogany

SW6509 Georgian Bay

SW6883 Raucous Orange

How exciting to see color transitioning more and more into reflecting the unique cultures that we care about, the style and emotion that we yearn to celebrate in our homes. Please feel free to check out all the color hues by visiting

I will let you know my favorite category if you would like to know; let us know yours!

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