Life at Home: Hospitality, Barbecue & Fireworks

63034,CheckFamily celebrations are anchored in thoughts of home and the relationships we cherish. Memories of gathering together to celebrate relationships and holidays attach themselves to great food, laughter and good design.

My impressions take me back to how relatives homes were arranged and rearranged to easily fit the crowd at hand and how little effort was put forth toward impromptu seating arrangements creating conversational clusters formed by relationships young and old. There was an easiness to the hospitality that invited true fellowship.

This is a quality that every home should encompass, an open, warm and comfortable ease.

When design has done its job well this is what you will experience. Visitors may not remember that one-of-kind work of art or the custom seating made uniquely for you but they will remember the warmth and hospitality of your home.

What a great backdrop for barbecue and fireworks!

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