Luxury Kitchen Design Trends

“Kitchens are becoming almost as luxurious as living rooms,” according to a recent article on kitchen design trends. They are convincingly the heart of the home, where families gather to connect, prepare and share meals and entertain themselves.

The coming together of many components, a well designed luxury kitchen creates a uniquely personal space that is suited to the lifestyle of the owner and should influence appliance and finish choices that meet their needs.

Before we take a look at specific trends that will help you in your current or future kitchen remodeling project lets address the overall look and finish of current kitchen trends.

Trend: The majority of luxury kitchens are all-white.

Luxury All-White Kitchen by Home Stratosphere
Luxury All-White Kitchen by Home Stratosphere

White kitchens remain the most popular choice and this case luxury features include decorative plumbing fixtures, floor to ceiling cabinetry, commercial grade appliances, and numerous custom built-in features.

Trend: Designers have begun to create darker colored kitchens.

Luxury Dark Cabinetry by Kitchen Design Ideas
Luxury Dark Cabinetry by Kitchen Design Ideas

The black cabinets cover the entire wall with silver door handles that create an elegant impact in this kitchen design as well as the high-end appliances.

Specific Kitchen Design Trends:

Ovens: The trend is to have more than one oven on hand for ease of cooking and re-heating. Some of the latest ovens use convection steam for faster preheating, cooking as well as other capabilities for sauteing, simmering, boiling, baking and roasting, according to Range Hoods, Inc.

The new, high-end Professional TurboChef wall oven by Viking (MSRP $12,599) featured at the 2014 Design and Construction Week features a true convection oven on the bottom, as well as an upper oven that uses impingement to perfectly cook food in a fraction of the usual time. Impingement is a term familiar term for restaurant kitchens who are able to get food hot quickly and now Viking is making it available for residential applications.

Samsung 4-Door Refrigerator with 8" Wi-Fi Enabled LCD

Samsung 4-Door Refrigerator with 8″ Wi-Fi Enabled LCD

Refrigerators: The refrigerator emerges with a double-door and drawers that give them a built-in look like cabinetry. High-end models include smart features while a serious home cook has the option of installing a walk-in fridge.

Cavaliere-Euro Wall Mount by Range Hoods, Inc.
Cavaliere-Euro Wall Mount by Range Hoods, Inc.

Range Hoods: So often the focal point of a kitchen design, the range hood can vary in design and decorative styles. The layout of your kitchen will determine the mounting style which include wall mount range hoods, under cabinet mount range hoods or island range hoods.

Dishwashers: Dishwashers are becoming larger and kitchens are featuring more than one. They are also looking more like drawers that blend in with the cabinetry, making the kitchen look seamless.

48" Wolf Gas Range

48″ Wolf Gas Range

Range: The kitchen range is becoming larger with multiple burners. The 48″ to 60″ wide ranges are becoming more common and more are being installed on the kitchen island. By taking the cooking away from the wall it allows the cook to socialize with the rest of the family.

Microwave Drawer from Sharp

Microwave Drawer from Sharp

Drawer Appliances: False drawers hold microwaves, cooling drawers or heating drawers. They streamline the kitchen while offering functionality and convenience.

Popular Luxury Options: Other popular kitchen luxury appliances include wine dispensers, built-in coffee and cappuccino makers and wine refrigeration. Smart capabilities are also more likely to be included that are controlled by smart phones and tablets.

It bears repeating, kitchens are becoming almost as luxurious as living rooms and homeowners are paying attention to what is trending in kitchen design and making appropriate application. How about you?

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