Wallpaper Trends 2015

5006734 Foyer, MLB
Wallpaper is back and coming on strong! A classic design element weaving itself in and out of décor trends since the ages began, collections are showing up everywhere. Patterns showcasing the bold and beautiful, gentle and feminine to those that whisper design lightly with vivid color palettes to softer hues for any occasion and style, it is as fresh as ever.

Highlighting just a sampling today it brings me joy to give you a sneak preview of a line created for Schumacher by a marvelous designer, Martyn Lawrence Bullard who is internationally recognized for his collection of wallcoverings that are “bursting with bold, saturated colors and gorgeous, artful patterns.”

Prepare yourself for an eye feast that will certainly inspire you into incorporating wallpaper into your home design plan:

5006622 Taj Trellis, Pomegranate

5006640 Agadir Screen, Lapis Sch.

5006651 Darya Ikat Sidewall, Spice Sch.

5006610 Sinhala Sidewall, Bittersweet Sch.

5006601 Pasha Paisley Pomegranate Sch.

5006661 Topkapi Sepia Sch.

5006671 Mughal Leaf Burnished Gilt Sch.

5006692 Mughal Panel Imperial Sch.

MLB Mantle

Martin Lawrence Bullard, Bath

Absolutely gorgeous, don’t you agree?!

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