Beauty & Peace

Building a home is so much more than choosing the elements of good design; it’s about the people who live there and providing an interior space where family members will thrive at what they were created to excel in. Once you get past finalizing a great space plan, choosing furnishings that at the time seem as though you can’t live without you realize that life keeps moving day by day and family relationships are depending upon one another to be assets in their lives rather than liabilities. So often the tone within the home is set by the “tone” that is encouraged and modeled from the top down. A peaceful tone modeled by the parents will eventually find its way to the children which will eventually make strife and discord an uncomfortable roommate, uninvited and asked to leave. So, as we go about surrounding ourselves with beautiful things in our homes be sure that a culture of peace remains an attribute that is highly cherished. Then neighbors passing by will not only admire the exterior of your home but upon entering your home they will be greeted with beauty and peace.

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Welcome to my design blog! I believe that great design begins with inspiration, creativity and knowledge all wrapped up in a passion for creating beautiful interiors that complement our lifestyles. From practical to functional luxury interiors my hope is that you will leave our site inspired to incorporate design trends into your own projects!

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