Is Your Color Fresh?

LorettaWillis045JOHIf your first thought went to your hair color smile, you are among friends. But actually I am referring to your home and the current color plan that you are living with.

A couple of months ago I received an inquiry from a new homeowner; “I would love to hear your suggestions on paint color for my new home.” She was asking the right questions before making color decisions she would have to live with for years.

Secondly she stated; “At present all the walls are painted the same brown and I want to invite color into my home that flows.” She knew what she wanted – color that flowed from room to room.

Last of all, she told me what she loved; “I love greens, yellows, gold, neutrals, rust, deep reds (Tuscan colors.” She had a clear direction of hues to choose from.

After considering other elements in her home such as existing furnishings, fabrics, permanent materials and structural elements, design style and exposure we created a color plan perfectly suited for her home and family. She would agree that the process was exciting and well worth the investment of time to insure that her color would be fresh for many years of enjoyment!

How about you, is your color fresh?

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