Color & Space: Updating An Outdated Space

Color-Green and Brown BRIt’s that time of year: color is popping up everywhere and spring is being announced loud and clear! Limited only by what climate region you reside in, early spring perennials are blooming and igniting our emotions toward a hopeful and exciting season that this year will bring until… we enter that room in our home that could use a little refreshing and updating.

This is a space in your home that is shouting ‘update me please!’ and you know it in your heart as year by year you have considered it only to get distracted with daily life but it is a new year filled with the possibility of actually taking the proper steps to get it done. I’ve created a simple guideline that if followed will help you achieve this goal:

1. Take an inventory of current items that should be removed and items that are keepers.
2. REMOVE the movables, find other uses for them or others that may need them or maybe they’ve seen
their best days.
3. Determine your budget.
4. Determine your updated color scheme (pursue professional design help if needed).
5. Paint, it’s the quickest way to update a space.
6. Lay out your space plan on paper before buying any new pieces of furniture.
7. Update your furnishings and fabrics to enhance the color scheme by considering re-upholstering or
buying new
8. Remember beauty, function and scale get equal consideration.
9. Accessorize accordingly.
10. Enjoy for years to come!

Updating and outdated space is similar to tending the garden which we seem to want to enhance and change things around a little each year. May this be your season to update, fall will be here before you know it!

Enjoy the process.

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