Color of The Year 2013, Sherwin-Williams

SW6464,AloeWith all the talk about interior color right now it seemed appropriate to comment on Sherwin-Williams 2013 Color of the Year: Aloe, SW6464. The adjectives are amazing…”funky or glamorous…soothes souls and brings unexpected harmony to any area…no ordinary pastel…highly adaptable…” and seem to offer a crossover appeal to any style. It is a beautiful color, warm and cheery, reminding me of vacations past and future, “a breezy sunroom or a well-dressed living room,” says Jackie Jordan.

The $64M question however is: how can I incorporate this color into my existing plan or must I come up with a completely new color plan that compliments Aloe? A hint to the answer to your dilemma is found in the title of this blog…color of the year. It’s not always practical nor affordable to change an entire color palate in order to fit a new one in UNLESS it is truly YOUR COLOR and you will know it when you see and experience it for the first time!

When you are exposed to a color that changes your world you should find a way to incorporate it; we don’t always have to think of applying it to the walls, it can be brought in through accessories, furnishings and window or wall treatments. I love this color named Aloe, it is a wonderful hue and I am confident that it will find its way into many homes around the world in various applications from ceilings to walls to flooring and accessories. Let me know if it’s a good fit for you!


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