color of the year 2021 | Aegean teal

color trends 2021

Warmth and well-being are the buzz words describing Benjamin Moore’s Aegean Teal (2136-40) Color of the Year 2021. Seeking quality in the small moments of life, Aegean Teal certainly takes us back to thoughts of a simpler and less cluttered lifestyle as the color pros were driven by the new focus on comfortable and functional […]

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Color & Space: Updating An Outdated Space

It’s that time of year: color is popping up everywhere and spring is being announced loud and clear! Limited only by what climate region you reside in, early spring perennials are blooming and igniting our emotions toward a hopeful and exciting season that this year will bring until… we enter that room in our home […]

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Beauty & Peace

Building a home is so much more than choosing the elements of good design; it’s about the people who live there and providing an interior space where family members will thrive at what they were created to excel in. Once you get past finalizing a great space plan, choosing furnishings that at the time seem as […]

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