Designing with Fabric, Pt. 1

fsch65591Textiles play an important role in planning our interior spaces. Texture, pattern, color, durability and style of the fabric influence the beauty, functionality and placement within the space plan and furniture placement in the home. If you have a space in your home (e.g. a family room) that requires a multi-purpose application such as tv viewing, social gatherings, video game playing and possibly a sleepover hangout event, fabric choices can grossly effect the long-term use and beauty of a space and the wear/tear aging process of the decor.

Textile or fabric application should drive the texture consideration. Before searching for drapery panel fabric, for instance, you must decide on its purpose before finalizing your choice; will the panels function as full window covering or will they be stationary; will they be expected to block heat or light during the day or is daylight softly spilling through the panels desired? The answer to these questions and more will determine the sort of face and backing fabric required and may even affect the style of construction as well as the hardware required.

When carefully thought out, the process can be fun as you wade through fabric samples resulting in just the right fabric for the right application with the right texture, pattern, color and style that will compliment the entire space.

Next, let’s take a look at choosing the right fabric for furnishings in Designing with Fabric, Pt. 2!


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