Decorating Trends 2014~2015

Elegant Foyer
Elegant Foyer
When considering decorating trends, one must have the gift of vision or pay attention to those that do. We all have a starting place, a current home with a family filled with personality and interest, season of life and various activities that drive the direction of our decorating theme and style. Couple this with a love for certain things that show themselves through architectural styles, furnishings that reflect our tastes, colors that evoke our emotions and accessories that complete the look set us on a course of a lifetime.

Invest upfront in the fundamentals of great design by developing a great space and color plan, the proper scale of furnishings to fit properly within the floor plan of your space. All elements, including fabrics, lighting, flooring, accessories and collectibles must flow together for a final cohesive look that reflects your family and the home you are building from within the four walls.

You are free to set the parameters of your own decorating trends and if unsure, get the professional assistance that is needed, then build upon your plan for a lifetime. It will continue to evolve and enrich itself over the years to come and allow you the pleasure of enjoying the process!


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  1. I am searching for paint colors for my new home. I like the colors in the photo above from article Decorating Trends 2013~2014 Posted on January 6, 2013. Can you tell me the name and brand of the colors?

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