Holiday & Home: Joyful Transformation

If you’re really good with planning you capitalized on last seasons post-holiday sales by purchasing a few filler items and decorations at a great price that will be appreciated this holiday. If not, its time to make a list and check it twice before purchasing the essentials that will move your holiday decorations in the right direction.

To avoid last-minute stress I prefer to begin 1-2 weeks prior to Thanksgiving; that’s right, before Thanksgiving. It gives me time to actually enjoy the process of pulling items out of storage, deciding where to hang garland and checking to ensure that the lights still work, decide on old and new ornaments or if the ribbons look dated or not; this all takes precious time!

Once the garland is hung and decorated, the decorative accessories are placed and the wreaths are hung I prefer to stop just short of decorating the Christmas Tree(s). In our home its a tradition to decorate the tree together the weekend after Thanksgiving dinner when everyone is home.

So, the moment Halloween is over let’s start our home transformation by putting this holiday plan into action, it will make a difference in how well you are able to enjoy the holidays rather than allowing the holidays to enjoy you by adding unnecessary stress to a season intended to bring joy!

Have a joyful holiday season.

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  1. Great ideas! You have inspired me to be better organized this year! I am going to take you up on this challenge! 🙂

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