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While being interviewed for a magazine article I was momentarily caught off guard with a question on tips for seasonal decorating. I was stumped mainly because I didn’t view design in a seasonal realm, I viewed it in a year round sort of way, as always present and relevant for any season of the year. So, after an awkward pause the interviewer began to suggest some options, to prime the pump so to speak while in my mind I’m thinking a designer knows when she (or he) has arrived at that perfect place of just the right mixture of items in a space…when anything more would throw off that perfect balance of furnishings and accessories.
Now that its been a couple of years since that interview its made me conscious of some of the ways that I personalize my own home for different seasons (oh yes, I’m admitting that I had not put a name to what I was doing naturally until asked by someone for a way to approach it) of which I would like to share a few for you to consider:

1. Table Top Arrangements: an easy and inexpensive way to bring the season indoors, so many arrangements can be made with natural objects, plants, flowers, candles, metals, ceramic items, just keep scale, color, and relatable qualities in mind.
2. Throws: can add just the right touch to your seating by bringing in color and warmth, pattern and function by keeping texture and thickness in mind as determined by the season of the year.
3. Flooring: beautiful carpets or runners can be changed out for color accents that are more suited for spring/summer or fall/winter.
4. Pillows: a great and easy way to change the look of a chair or sofa.
5. Lighting: lamp style can make or break the look of a room, sometimes we place function over style in this area by holding onto a pair of lamps too long after they become dated; a small investment here goes a long way!
6. Wall Art: I will admit this applies more for the holidays in our home but it can certainly apply year round when you consider changing the focal point in a main room, artwork will do it in a millisecond; I have done this with large oils or prints that drive or impact the theme of the room.

Hopefully, these ideas will enhance your approach to seasonal decorating and help you enjoy the ever-changing process of interior design in your home.

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