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If home is truly where the heart is then the home environment holds the potential to shape the future impact of the lives that reside there. If this is the case (and I believe it is), then it would be of great benefit for anyone living with family members to pay as much attention to designing the lives within the home with the same desire and interest invested in designing the interiors of the home.

Almost all design elements have a connection to how we relate with one another; take for instance Color. We can agonize for months over choosing the right color plan, and in my experience as a designer I have offered this service more than any other as many seek professional help in designing a color plan; it is a big decision that can result in just the right ‘feel and flow’ that reflects our personal and family style. However, sometimes I wonder if as much thoroughness is given toward the Color of the family dynamics ‘feel and flow.’ When the family has a great ‘feel and flow,’ a great color plan only enhances and brings more beauty to the interior; when the family has a broken ‘feel and flow’ a great color plan cannot overcome the lack of ‘feel and flow.’

When I look at a beautiful home, I see more than the elevation, style or contents that give it beauty on the outside; I see the family members that make the home come to life with beauty on the inside, driven by the way they love on and relate to each other. This is a family that has placed equal weight on their home and life by design.

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