A Mother’s Love ~ A Home Well Designed

So many childhood memories are deeply set and rooted in our mother’s love for us, and why is that? When I reflect back over the type of home that I grew up in I don’t recall how large or small our home was, how expensive or inexpensive the furniture or the number of bedrooms or baths; I remember how I felt about being home and how well my mother cared for me. I remember how well she loved me, the fun we shared and how she tried to shelter me from painful situations with my father and others in the world outside of our home. I think of her sacrificial love that served on us while doing everything in her power to meet our daily needs. These are the attributes from a mother’s love that drives good design in the home, it springs forth from the needs of those who reside there and fuels the types of purchases that mothers make. The longer I live the more I appreciate and desire to honor my mother for modeling such a wonderful picture of a mother’s love, it has shaped who I am today as a mother of three wonderful children who have been an integral part of driving the design of our home. May your love as a mother drive the design of your home for generations to come!

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