Decorating Trends 2015: Mario Buatta, The Prince of Chintz


With great pleasure I would love to give you a peek into one of America’s greatest designers and his new book available in October, Mario Buatta: Fifty Years of American Interior Decoration.


Sharing his love of Chintz and its place in the American home, he has enjoyed 50 years of decorating and continues to run his own shop as a living example of fulfilling a great proverb which states that “our gift makes room for us” in this world.

After listening to a recent interview ( I would love to leave you with a few of his vision/mission statements that have guided him into the success and influence that he enjoys today. MarioBuatta_p044-045

Philosophy on Approach: “You do a little bit at a time and the rest when the spirit moves you…like an artist…” “Decorating is fun…keep it light and enjoy it.” “Our houses are like living gardens…because they continually grow…a room is never finished.”

Color: His favorites are yellow, blue and white; “Color is my cheapest weapon”

Space Planning: “Arrange your rooms so that the sofas are talking to the chairs…create conversational areas.”

Inferior Decorating: “Not thinking about how to use the room; no thought of how the room works or how people live.”

Accessorizing: Does not like “accessorizing with objects that have nothing to do with the people in the room; looks like a shop.”

MarioBuatta_p054-055Buatta’s style, known for bringing English chintz and antiques together will forever influence interior design as adaptations of his style continue to be reflected in homes today.

I’m loving it, enjoy the inspiration!

Mario Buatta: Fifty Years of American Interior Decorating
Mario Buatta: Fifty Years of American Interior Decorating

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