A Heart for Home

Breakfast Nook by Enchanted Home
Breakfast Nook by Enchanted Home

At the root of my interior design career is a heart for home and a mother’s love for her family.

My mother is fiercely loyal to her family and worked very hard, often sacrificial in giving of her resources in order to meet our daily needs. She has been a silent warrior and devoted supporter in making our dreams come true, a real picture of unconditional and honest love. An inspiration to achieve the best in life with excellence, she expected no less for her children.

Her generous heart was contagious. In high-school she encouraged me to share my first paycheck with my siblings, a lesson in sharing that I never forgot.

Breakfast Nook
Breakfast Nook

My valiant mother is engaged in another battle now, the warfare of Alzheimer’s. This battle has caused me to appreciate her investment into her family even more. She made the choice to honor her family as a young mother and now I would like to honor her by giving her credit for who I am today. It all began with her heart for the home and the difference a mother’s love could make in the outcome of raising children.

Breakfast Nook by Braitman Design
Breakfast Nook by Braitman Design

Of all the decorating trends posts that many readers have enjoyed it all started with the reflection below that birthed this blog. It is a credit to all women and the mothers out there who desire to create a home filled with love, beauty and function.

Who is Woman?

Who is Woman? A woman is her home.

And what is her home? It is acceptance, inspiration. It is safe, it is love.

Those who live there look to her guidance, influence and nurture.

What is her home? A place of beauty, of treasures and joy. Most of all it is a place of cherished things, family, relationships.

Who is Woman? A friend, a wife, a mother. A home to those she loves.

Loretta J. Willis, Allied ASID, LS

Breakfast Nook, MyHomeIdeas
Breakfast Nook, MyHomeIdeas

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Welcome to my design blog! I believe that great design begins with inspiration, creativity and knowledge all wrapped up in a passion for creating beautiful interiors that complement our lifestyles. From practical to functional luxury interiors my hope is that you will leave our site inspired to incorporate design trends into your own projects!

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  1. My mother is also the strongest, most loving, friendliest, caring and resilient person I love and adore. Thanks for such a positive and inspirational blog.

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