Design With A Master Plan

Good design begins with a great plan. It will govern major purchases, control impulse buying and offer a higher degree of satisfaction in the end result. A master plan forces thought into the function and layout of a space that fits your needs for your present season of life as well as provide application for the future. It takes into account proper scale, function, color and space planning that enhance the livability of your home while you enjoy the evolution of the process. We are more likely to take the time to plan our relationships, marriage, children, careers, higher education, recreation or retirement but seldom take the time to plan for good interior design. Before you make another purchase for your home take the time to work with a designer to develop a plan and then work the plan and enjoy the beautiful result!


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Interior Designer, Blogger, Editor-, Speaker, Author, business owner-Loretta's Interior Design, Aspires to motivate others toward pursuing a life that compliments their passion for home, family and career. A dedicated leader with a strong commitment to excellence in all design projects, she is devoted to helping others transform their lives and homes into environments that support fulfilling their purpose. She is also great at solving decorating dilemma's and offering design trends that relate to home and family. Check out our current projects on

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