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Table Top Decor by Interiors By StudioM
Table Top Decor by Interiors By StudioM

Gratefulness and family are two words that are intrinsically woven into the fiber of relationships that share life together; they are seldom mentioned under the assumption that they exist, taken for granted often from the parents down to the youngest sibling. An entitlement expressed most often when it is not shown or when treated unfairly.

Thanksgiving holiday stirs up memories of family togetherness or lack thereof; great opportunities of bonding and missed opportunities filled with regret; loving relationships and hurtful ones; connectedness between parents and siblings and brokenness seemingly beyond repair.

Table Top Decor by The Turkey Decoration
Table Top Decor by The Turkey Decoration

But there is one thing that cannot change and that is the family you were born into or adopted into, this is your family and we are given opportunity each day to live through our family by believing the best in them, hoping for the best, praying for the best while doing our part in choosing to be the best of who we were created to be and living up to our potential by allowing the seeds of greatness implanted in us to sprout in the good soil of ‘family’.

Family honors one another’s likes and dislikes, takes pleasure in preparing favorite dishes, delights in serving one another, keeps on listening to a story that’s gone on way too long. Family can be depended on in the rough patches of life and never stops believing in you or your potential to grow into the person you were born to be. Family knows you better than anyone and your uniqueness is their delight.

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Gratefulness and family lived out quietly rises to the surface on days like these, another Thanksgiving Day; be the first to break the silence.

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