Holiday Table Settings From Popular Interior Designers

The art of decorating a table begins with inspiration, imagination and coordination of different design elements. In the case of a recent House Beautiful challenge to 15 popular interior designers who were given a simple but elegant line of PB White china from Pottery Barn with one criteria: to create a table setting around this […]

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Life & Home By Design: Gratefulness & Family

Gratefulness and family are two words that are intrinsically woven into the fiber of relationships that share life together; they are seldom mentioned under the assumption that they exist, taken for granted often from the parents down to the youngest sibling. An entitlement expressed most often when it is not shown or when treated unfairly. […]

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Table Top Decorating Trends: Part II

Photo by k.m.willis

As promised, ‘Table Top Decorating Trends: Part II’ is pleased to reveal to you the results of our (Loretta’s Interior Design) participation in a local community event, “Alpharetta’s Table ~ Decorating for the Holidays.” As we considered the simple instructions and design elements posted in Part I – let’s take a look at the results: […]

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