Holiday Design Trends 2015

Holiday Tabletop Decor We all have guiding principles or observations that shape the course of our lives and I have had one for years that has been observed continuously when designing homes; that “the older we become the more our true decorating style is reflected in the home.” A transition happens at some point in our lifespan where we begin moving from the hot trends of the year to what we really desire and perceive as beautiful in our homes.

White Elegance-Christmas

So for this holiday season and the “must do” project that you’ve been thinking about all year choose elements that fit into your long-term plan and not just for the holidays. Seasonal design should focus on the season, accessories in other words and not the foundational pieces in a room. Bringing in throws, pillows, flooring, art and even window treatments for the holidays rather than changing the anchor pieces that define the space can result in a completely difference looking space.

Start now considering the specific items, colors and placement desired so that by November, before Thanksgiving you are in a position to implement your ideas before the madness of all the holiday commitments that will come your way.
Holiday Tree Trim

Remember, a little goes a long way! Have a long-term view in mind and enjoy the process.

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