Love & Home, II

cutcaster-photo-100313572-Vintage-Valentine-hearts, 2 heartsIn homes around the globe today when love is expressed verbally or in action, what sort of language are we really speaking to our closest relationships, what do we really mean? I believe more often we are communicating the message or plea of acceptance; not toward the person or child we are speaking to or helping in some way but toward ourselves. In many cases ‘love’ means seeing things ‘my way’ so that I feel loved rather than being loving to others by pouring or investing into their lives from the love that we have received from others.

Love is kind, it gives the benefit of the doubt that others have a good heart, even if its hard to see sometimes. Love protects the best interest of those around them at all times. Love is giving and generous, willing to invest and make a difference in others dreams and aspirations. Love is steady and dependable, it remains calm in threatening situations and is always safe to those affected by it. Love views life through a patience window, not just tolerating others but believes in those entrusted to its care. Love never loses hope, always looking for the best in family, others and all situations, it never fails to show up. And finally, true love accepts others as they are even if we are not accepted as we are.

This is love and this is home.

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