Designing with Fabric, Pt. 2

65594,Sch,Fawn,Imperial Trellis VelvetWelcome back to Part 2 of Designing with Fabric!

After years of consulting with design clients I can’t express enough the importance of a well thought out space and functional plan for the optimal use of your home furnishings and the fabric or textiles you select. For the sake of simplicity let’s choose the Family Room as our space to highlight the thought considerations that can produce a wonderfully designed room that will bring pleasure to the eye as well as the family for years to come.

After you’ve taken the time to search through fabric samples and pattern and fiber content variations, chose a fabric that you can’t live without…it is usually a piece that stands out for its color, design, texture or feel that causes excitement! What you’ve just found is the inspiration for your space and it should become the piece to build other fabrics around. What I mean by this is that the fabric you love may not be suitable for the application that’s needed, therefore we must compliment this piece with appropriate (and exciting) fabrics that can be used in proper application to the furnishings that are needed. In the end, you should end up with an array of fabrics that dance around the core fabric, ultimately creating an awesome textile plan suited for the intended furniture required in your space.

What if you have one or two pieces of furniture that can’t be replaced (I can hear your mind spinning!); the same approach applies by building up from your starting fabric.

Let me know if you would like to hear more about Designing with Fabric!

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