Kitchen trends 2021

kitchen trends 2021
kitchen trends 2021
Open Floor Plan Has It All | Large Island, Nature/Outdoors, Storage | Jeff Dungan, Architect | Designer: Beth Webb

The impact and challenges of Covid followed by months of quarantine and working from home have instinctively brought clarity to kitchen design and our desire to thrive in this coveted space in the home. Specifically, a place designed to connect, to simplify and shelter from a chaotic world, to promote healthy living and where multiple generations can live comfortably together, according to a recent survey conducted by NKBA (National Kitchen+Bath Association).

Connected Living Increased human interaction, ease of information access and a connection with nature are the driving forces behind incorporating open layouts with multifunctional activity zones that can accommodate everyday activities such as meal prep, entertaining, work from home and school.

Simplified Living Kitchen design that incorporates specific storage that minimizes clutter while making meal prep more efficient enhances our need to escape from a chaotic world while making the kitchen more of a retreat.

kitchen trends 2021
Renovated Kitchen with Anchoring Bar | High Street Homes | House Beautiful

Healthy Living Kitchen spaces that inspire and promote healing for the body through a deeper connection to nature and therefore make decisions that focus on wellness.

Living In Place Kitchen design that works for multiple generations living under the same roof lends itself to an open concept as well as how these generations drive the design of task zones and kitchen appliances.

kitchen trends 2021
Renovated Kitchen with Large Peninsula for Varied Tasks | High Street Homes | House Beautiful

Key design trends that support these lifestyle changes make perfect sense in the application of new or updated kitchens and were specifically identified in this survey;

• Larger kitchen islands • Open floor plan • Increased number of charging outlets • Landing counters for groceries and food delivery • Larger sinks and refrigerators • Commercial finishes and fabrics for easy cleaning and durability • Recycling and composting stations

kitchen trends 2021
Marble Backsplash with Extra Built-In Storage | High Street Homes | House Beautiful

Hopefully your kitchen project, new construction or renovated will be a reflection of the current times and designed to meet the challenges of today’s emerging needs.

Happy planning and be sure to check out the ‘before’ images below!

Photo Credit(s): Jen Morley Burner, House Beautiful, Jean Allsopp, Better Homes & Garden

kitchen trends 2021
“Before” Kitchen | High Street Homes
kitchen trends 2021
“Before” Kitchen | High Street Homes

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  1. Read the House Beautiful Kitchen Edition 2021. I thought the photo with anchoring bar was fabulous to bring two rooms together. I wondered whether you designed it and had it fabricated or if you know of a source where you can purchase one to meet your clients’ needs. Many thanks.

    1. Hello Rita! Thanks for your interest in the beautifully renovated kitchen featured in this post. The kitchen was designed by High Street Homes and they did a beautiful job. We also provide custom kitchen cabinet fabrication, please feel free to reach out for a complimentary consultation! Thanks again, Loretta

  2. Wondering if you design for modern log cabin spaces as well…… Love you designs for kitchens and holidays.

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