Top Home Building Trends 2020

home trends 2020
home trends 2020
Striking Entry Sets the Tone | HGTV Dream Home 2020 | Brian Patrick Flynn

Smart home trends coupled with great design that reflects personal style is leading the way in home building trends in 2020. Setting yourself apart by creating and building a comfortable home that suits your family lifestyle is in vogue now and home builders are listening.

According to a recent article published in the, the top five hottest home building trends for a new home, renovating your own or creating a new build from scratch will include decisions based on sustainable design, disaster resiliency, outdoor living, home automation and customization.

home trends 2020
Refined Rustic Design Appeals to Nature | HGTV Dream Home 2020 | Brian Patrick Flynn

Sustainable Design Defined as the quality of not being harmful to the environment or depleting natural resources, and thereby supporting long-term ecological balance or in simpler terms “making sure everything in your home reduces your carbon footprint and minimizes any impact on the environment.”

home trends 2020
Backyard Anchors the Home | HGTV Dream Home 2020 | Brian Patrick Flynn

Disaster Resiliency From wildfires to major floods that can affect an entire region our home building materials should consist of energy-efficient materials that have higher resistance to wind, fire and water protection.

home trends 2020
Great Room Extends into the Outdoor Patio~Doubling the Space | HGTV Dream Home 2020 | Brian Patrick Flynn

Outdoor Living With the trend to make the most of your primary living space homeowners are taking advantage of extending their living space by opening it up to their own backyards. Outdoor kitchens, furniture armed with indoor/outdoor fabrics and finishes and television viewing make entertaining a breeze year-round. And for the cooler months we can enjoy a fireplace for added ambiance.

home trends 2020
Open Transitional Kitchen with Smart Appliances & Wood Cabinets | HGTV Dream Home 2020 | Brian Patrick Flynn

Home Automation Convenience through home automation makes our home a comfortable environment to exist in with programmable features at our fingertips. With automation we can make adjustments remotely from “preheating our ovens to skylights that can open or close automatically to creating the perfect temperature.” Home automation has grown from home security systems to include so many tasks that were performed manually and now are capable of being controlled from our smart phones or hand devices.

home trends 2020
Island Style Master Bedroom with Coral Tones & Private Outdoor Deck | HGTV Dream Home 2020 | Brian Patrick Flynn
home trends 2020
Spacious Laundry & Mud Room Connects the Detached Garage to the House | HGTV Dream Home 2020 | Brian Patrick Flynn

Customization Building or renovating a home that complements your lifestyle is in vogue now and home builders are offering a tiered layer of customization for first time to luxury home buyers. Everyone wants to feel like they had a say in customizing their home as stated so well by, “Creating a home that’s as unique as you are is the latest trend, with custom-built and personalized features to make your space stand out.”

May your next home renovation project or new home build reflect these home building trends, you’ll be in good company!

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Photography: Tomas Espinoza; Robert Peterson

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