Kitchen Trends 2019

kitchen trends 2019, decorating trends 2019
kitchen trends 2019, decorating trends 2019
Modern Farmhouse Style Kitchen | Mary Evelyn McKee | Flower Magazine

“People are not concerned about their living rooms, they just want a room to live in that centers around the kitchen.” This quote from Liz Dickson, owner and principal designer of Millbrook Circle Interior Design in Baltimore captures the essence of future kitchen trends. Although style of kitchen is very important as it reflects our personality, the desire is to build a kitchen that truly performs for its users.

Based on a recent survey by the NKBA, homeowners are opting for clean, minimalist and modern looks with a touch of glamour. With transitional, farmhouse and contemporary styling leading the way in both remodeling projects and new construction its more about how well the kitchen with its new technologies, re-imagined layouts, materials and appliances contribute to a healthy home and sustainable world according to Jessica Goldbogen Harlan, an author of eight cookbooks and recent article entitled The Future Kitchen.

Personalizing your kitchen complements kitchen trends as well with statement maker countertops, appliances and finishes or open floor plans that flow between several interior spaces, concealing the task zones of the kitchen.

Hundreds of designers around the country were recently surveyed by NKBA regarding the emerging styles, features and materials that are not only popular today but are predicted to have staying power in the kitchen space.

kitchen trends 2019, decorating trends
White Kitchen with Elegant Dark Navy Lacquered Bar | Mallory Mathison, Inc.

Color Kitchen color choices are broadening into deep, bold and vibrant hues that capture nature, such as emerald-green and navy blue are “on the rise possibly as an island counter color or appliance.”

kitchen trends 2019, decorating trends 2019
Column Refrigerators | True Residential

Column Refrigerators We have options now in how and where we place our refrigerator and freezer. No longer bound to the traditional “fridge/freezer housed in the same rectangular box, Column refrigerators and freezers make it possible to separate the food storage units.” With a growing trend on healthy eating this trend complements a healthy lifestyle.

Appliances that Know How to Cook Smart appliances are making our kitchens more intelligent as implied in the phrase “assisted cooking technology” featured in many ovens and ranges. It’s a thrilling experience to have sensors, cameras and advanced technology determine the cooking times and temperatures for you.

Mixed Metals Called the “new industrial” influenced by urban lifestyle continues to gain popularity.

kitchen trends 2019, decorating trends 2019
Open Kitchen with Integrated Doors, Open Shelving, Concealed Work Zones | Melanie Davis Design

Emphasis on Accessibility With a focus on aging-in-place and universal design, “creating kitchens that are accessible for people of all ages and abilities” is helping to drive the open-kitchen concept. This could include easy-access cabinets to touch-free faucets and voice-controlled lighting and appliances.

The kitchen has truly evolved into the living space that all other rooms flow into!

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