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Elegant Entry, Loretta's Interior Design
Elegant Entry, Loretta’s Interior Design

Before I was old enough to realize where the deep passion for all things interior design had come from I had graduated from college, married and had become a mother while pursuing a corporate career. My ‘ah-ha’ moment came through a friend whose family room furniture was being re-arranged by yours truly.

“You’re really good at this Loretta, you should start your own interior design business,” she spoke with such ease when compared with the explosion going on in my heart. Her words led to the birthing of my destiny and the possibility of becoming an interior designer. I went to college with the dream of becoming a fashion designer which evolved into fashion merchandising which at the time included coursework in interior design. And I almost missed my place in the world by taking the corporate route.

That was over 20 years ago and I haven’t looked back.

Reading & Home Office, Loretta's Interior Design
Reading Room & Home Office, Loretta’s Interior Design

In 2011 I was a guest speaker at the annual  Southern Lady Magazine conference and I spoke on the topic of decorating and home trends (which would become the cornerstone of my blog). Not wanting to leave the audience with how a home’s interior is affected by great design only but that it was the heart behind the decorating that mattered more I had prepared ‘a light reflection’ to share in closing. It was a short poem inspired by what drives a woman’s heart to love and serve her family through great design. This poem or reflection was the first post published on my blog in 2011, entitled A Woman is Her Home. Thus the name of my blog site.

I love sharing insights on decorating trends to the DIYers out there who may not have access to a professional interior designer. When I bought my first home I had a shoestring budget and decorating was not even on the list. I had to learn how to do some things for myself in order to save money. Today we can have the information we lack with a simple search which makes completing our projects with the assurance that our decorating decisions are based on the latest subject information.

Hampton Summer Home wigh Cheerful Breakfast Room, Green/Ivory Draperies, Embroidered, Green/Ivory Toile by Jack Fhillips
Hampton Summer Home with Cheerful Breakfast Room, Green/Ivory Draperies, Embroidered, Green/Ivory Toile by Jack Fhillips

I have also loved becoming a source for design inspiration. When I run across a project that is so great and layered with creativity I am inspired to share it with my viewers while featuring the designer, like sharing the good news as it pertains to interior design.

I must also give credit to others who have inspired this post. The Design Blogger’s Conference is coming to Atlanta on March 6-8th and I am so excited to attend. I was one of five scholarship recipients. I would also like to thank Duralee Fabrics for sponsoring the scholarships and of course DBC for making it happen. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to learn and be exposed to great talent and fellow designers who do what I do to inspire great design around the world!

This is the inspiration behind my blog.

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Welcome to my design blog! I believe that great design begins with inspiration, creativity and knowledge all wrapped up in a passion for creating beautiful interiors that complement our lifestyles. From practical to functional luxury interiors my hope is that you will leave our site inspired to incorporate design trends into your own projects!

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