Color Trends: The Power of Red

Red Lamps at Desk

Red. It’s everywhere, in our homes, our clothing, the workplace, schools and fun places, nature, food, the list is endless. My mother always said that “every woman needs a red suit in her closet.” I love seeing others wear it well. I also love seeing red used well in our homes.

Red Coffee Tables

Red is hot and an undeniable trend in design. It is a mood changer, elicits emotion, exotic and exciting, rich in suggestion. It can be customized to fit your style, it comes with a deep range of hues from cool to warm to hot so have your way but play by the rules.

Red Accented LR

Choose your tone of red carefully; according to how much attention you want it to bring to your room, it can and will take over if you let it! If you struggle with making a decision on the perfect red for you find an object that contains a red hue that you love and it will lead you to the right paint color.

Red Chairs

For walls I prefer the warmer tones because they tend to blend easier with adjoining rooms if that is a consideration in your case. You can be more daring if it is a stand alone space.

Red Pattern Uphol Chair

For furnishings look for fabrics that complement your choice of red for the walls. Patterned designs in fabrics and wallpaper will bring life to your walls and lighter wood finishes will look right at home.

Whether you are looking for red accents or accessories, red walls or red furnishings, have fun finding your Red!

Red Art Focal Point

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