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You are nearing the end of a room makeover and everything is in place and looking great; the new, refinished or re-upholstered furnishings looking awesome with the new space plan and possibly new flooring and lets not forget the brand new wall color that brings everything together…its so exciting to see it come together so well until…you notice the lighting…and it doesn’t exactly compliment all the new stuff…DON’T DO IT…DON’T COMPROMISE HERE AND RUIN THE END OF YOUR STORY!!

If you were willing to go to the time and expense of updating your home don’t forget that the lighting can be the exclamation point that completes your space. The lighting can make or break a room and can be a fun experience to finding just the right fixtures to complement your style by:

Consider lighting that flows with your dĂ©cor style (take a look at our post(s) “Your Design Style, Pt. I&II published in June 2013 and August 2013 if you’re not sure what your style is);

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Consider the finishes that would compliment the finishes in your space;

Consider the scale of the lighting – the proportions must compliment your seating and table heights and fulfill the purpose of task lighting and accent lighting;

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Lastly, consider mixing it up a bit – there is a place for symmetry, function and elements of surprise when placing your fixtures in your newly designed space. Now this is the proper end to your story!

Remember, good design is intentional.

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