Great Design = Intentional Design

Home Design, Family RoomGreat interior design just doesn’t happen, it begins with a great plan. Whether you are starting from scratch with a new home or have been in your home for a few years and can’t figure out where to begin, call for help by partnering with someone who can assist you in making your dreams come true layer upon layer, ultimately achieving the desired end – a truly fabulous, well designed home that reflects your style and personality.

If 2014 is your year to finally take control in this area allow me to make a few suggestions that will help you get started in the right direction:

Home Design

Space Plan Recommendation: With professional help or a friend that has good insight every space within your home should be assessed objectively of its strengths and weaknesses, mistakes and corrections needed including updates.

Design Focus: This phase helps you prioritize (by space) the execution of the design process space by space. I prefer to focus on the rooms that are used the most and then, based upon your budget, rank the projects accordingly. These spaces usually include the foyer, kitchen, family room, home office, kid’s game/play room. Exceptions (season of life, etc.) might include the master bedroom, nursery, theatre room, exercise room, formal dining room, music room.

Family Room

Work the Plan: This may take 1-3 years depending upon the scope of the project. An empty space is easier to work with than having to incorporate existing pieces that may involve considering finishes, fabrics and colors.

In the end with a great plan as your guide I promise you will be pleased with the result!

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