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Bright Antique Chairs“Let the Fabric Speak,” spoken by one of my FSU college professors during a semester of learning how to create and construct fashion from a sketch. This phrase is a keeper; a principle as it turns out to live by when it comes to selecting the best fabric for the intended use in a home.

In a few weeks I will be attending a lovely “Appreciation Reception” as the recipient of my college’s ‘Alumni Recognition Award for 2013’. I am so honored and humbled to receive this recognition and hope to continue serving and influencing students for years to come. Little did I know then the impact of investing four years of my life on a college campus would have in shaping my future both personally and in my career as an interior designer.

This simple yet profound principle has been a guiding light with every project that I take on that involves fabric and has served me well in helping others create environments that are beautiful and functional. I have been passing this principle along whenever the application fits and it works every time. If you listen to the fabric (its content, durability, fragileness, design pattern, texture and finish) it will tell you where it is best suited for application in your home.

‘Let the Fabric Speak’ and you will do well in the design of your home and every fiber of your life!

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