Decorating Trends to Live By

Elegant Foyer
“The older we get, the more we become who we really are,” I once had the privilege of hearing. The same reasoning applies to decorating our homes. “The older we get, the more our true decorating style is reflected in our home.” When replacing furniture that was purchased “on a whim,” or “met the budget restrictions,” or was simply donated during a season of “something is better than nothing;” it is best to take the time to purchase a piece or set of furnishings that reflect the style you are transitioning toward. All of us are consistently transitioning toward that place of creating a home that honors our uniqueness, just keep in mind function, scale, quality (the best your budget can afford), style and…a little bit (or a lot) of luxury! A word to the wise…start now on that project that you want completed before the next holiday season!

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Welcome to my design blog! I believe that great design begins with inspiration, creativity and knowledge all wrapped up in a passion for creating beautiful interiors that complement our lifestyles. From practical to functional luxury interiors my hope is that you will leave our site inspired to incorporate design trends into your own projects!

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