Kitchen Trends 2023 | Work Triangle

kitchen trends 2023, work triangle
Small Kitchen Triangle | Parker Design Associates | Photo: Emily Followill

The classic kitchen work triangle, when originated was a sure sign of a well laid out, functional kitchen. It demanded a certain distance between the sink, range and refrigerator, with each leg of the triangle no less than four feet or no more than nine feet, according to a recent publication of Kitchen & Bath Business (KBB). To add more restriction to this formula, it did not consider islands, which back then would have cut into, or disrupt the traffic pattern.

Kitchens were smaller then, while today kitchens have become more than just a kitchen, it has evolved into an open-concept floor plan, it is the “heart of the home.”

kitchen trends 2023, work triangle
Gorgeous Ink-Blue Large Kitchen | Harrison Design | Photo: Emily Followill
kitchen trends 2023, work triangles

Tables have turned with ever increasing scale and proportion of the designated kitchen space. Today, it has to include several work triangles to meet the demands of this multi-faceted space. We love to not only prepare semi-gourmet meals in our kitchens, but also desire the option to work in this prime space, as well as entertain. We also expect convenience in the way that storage is specified, hidden and open that helps maintain an open-air feel to the kitchen.

kitchen trends 2023, work triangles
Large Kitchen with Dual Refrigerators | Lanier Gupton | Photo: Emily Followill

Today, modern kitchens allow for multiple sinks, cooking stations and prep/task areas designed in the open-concept kitchen. Homeowners want efficiencies built into every zone, and when space becomes an issue, larger floor plans accommodate a hidden kitchen for the messy work to take place.

kitchen trends 2023, work triangle
Small Kitchen Equipped with Two Sets of Fridge Drawers | Whitney Leigh Morris | House Beautiful

The single, classic work triangle has evolved into multiple zones that perfectly complement the modern lifestyle. Today, we are recommended to consider five main zones in planning a modern kitchen, according to Kitchen & Bath Business.

  • perishable food storage, including the refrigerator and freezer
  • dry food storage stocked with larger cupboards
  • prep space with working surfaces
  • a cooking zone that includes the oven, cooktop and/or range
  • a wet zone for clean-up via the sink and dishwasher
  • a zone for entertaining (for larger kitchens)

The kitchen triangle has indeed come of age and it nice to see kitchen design trends keeping up with our modern way of living!

kitchen trends 2023, work triangle
Elegant Custom Gray Cabinetry Works in this Small Kitchen | Honey Collins Interiors | Photo: Michael J. Lee

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